Saturday, July 20, 2024
    Dr. Anthony Fauci placed a call on Wednesday to former President Donald Trump to ask for advice on how to hide his financials from government officials looking to oust...

    Dear Walter

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    House Says Time To Find Other Planets To Control

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the pandemic winding down and government entities releasing their control of emergency orders, officials agree its time to colonize Mars...

    Kids Write To Santa In Protest

    Every year millions of kids follow a time honored tradition of writing to Santa asking him for toys. However, this year thousands have burned...

    Sen. Warren Tests Positive For Covid Blames Elon Musk For Not Paying His Taxes

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said Sunday that she has contracted Covid despite being fully vaccinated. “I test regularly,” stated Warren. “I’ve been negative...

    Biden Calls Trump For Help With Poor Rating

    Spaghetti Thumbs has secured an audio file of a phone call placed by President Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump in which Biden...

    Leaked Memo Reveals Biden’s Letter To Santa

    WASHINGTON D.C. — President Biden wrote to Santa this week, his Christmas wishes released in a leaked email secured by Spaghetti Thumbs. Dear Santa, I know...


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    Indian Man Gets 100 Covid Shots — Says Has Cured His Baldness

    Retired postman, Brahmde Mandin, 65, has revived 100 doses of the vaccine in Bihar state, which was verified by health officials. Mandin has never tested positive for the virus and...

    New CCP Face Mask Prevents Words From Coming Out

    The new Chinese W95 face mask called Sense-Sure not only prevents most large viruses from getting in, but keeps all words from getting out. “We...

    Germany Rebuilds The Berlin Wall And Moves Unvaccinated People To West Berlin

    EAST BERLIN — Germany announced that they have begun re-construction of the Berlin Wall to protect its people from Covid-19. Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel said...

    Megatron Unleashes Omicron On The World

    Authorities around the world have shut down travel once again, but this time for a new variant of the evil Decepticons, named Omicron. First spotted...


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