Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    A Doughnut A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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    Krispy Kreme is giving away a doughnut a day to those that have been vaccinated. People who show proof of vaccination can get one glazed doughnut a day for the rest of the year. The promotion comes in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    “We want people to be healthy and safe,” said CEO Mike Tattersfield, “We also want to give back to the community — we believe in generosity, and what is more generous than obesity. We know that obesity rates have risen over the last year, but we think that we can do better and since that segregated group has been vaccinated, obesity is no longer a risk factor for that special group.”

    But the promotion has not come without backlash. People quickly took to social media to call out the company.

    “I need more than one doughnut,” one person tweeted. “That glaze sugar melts in my mouth so fast that one just won’t cut it. They should really give away a dozen a day.”

    Other tweets read, “Do I need to get a booster shot to still qualify for the free doughnuts.”

    Tattersfield further pushed back. “We are a sweet treat company, if folks don’t want to visit a doughnut shop they don’t have to — what are we going to do — mandate that everyone eat doughnuts!” laughed Tattersfield.

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