Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    A Loving Trend? Indian Man Gets Life For Killing Wife With Kindness

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    A man in India has been given a double life sentence for murdering his wife with a most unusual weapon: kindness.

    Officials say this maybe a growing trend in India where murders by kindness are growing in efforts to pass off the death as accidental.

    Shiva Kumar was sentenced Monday after being found guilty of murder by a lower court in the state of Kerala.

    According to prosecutors, Kumar married his wife for financial gain. Sonja was the daughter of a wealthy spice importer and a very mean man according to employees. Neighbors tell us that Sonja was also a very mean person. Some think it was all the curry they had ingested.

    After becoming mean himself, Kumar sought to change his life and one morning decided to smile at his wife. According to medical reports Sonja instantly froze to death.

    While gaining international attention, local officials say this maybe a growing trend of spouses looking to become happy in life and do not want to lose financial benefits from divorce.

    Top American scientist say that if the human body becomes happy to fast it can cause the brain, which is essentially a computer, to become frozen.

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