Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Alarming Number Of People Are Developing COVID Ears

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    In parts of the county where mask mandates continue, most Americans are developing what health experts are calling Droopy Ear Syndrome or DES.

    According to Dr. Misha Millaboo, DES happens when the Cartledge in the upper ear is infused with too much carbon dioxide. The membrane breaks down and the top of the ear can no longer stand up on its own and falls over. This condition is further exasperated by the mask straps that pull down on the ear.

    Wealthy people from all over the globe are overwhelming plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills trying to fix their DES. Beverly Hills top plastic surgeon Dr. Billton has this to say, “Education is key to this horrible side effect from the pandemic. People simply just don’t know how to wear a mask properly. And with out an official government issued standard mask most people are just not wearing well crafted ones. This is very much preventable.”

    Ears for the World, a non profit out of the Los Angels, has raised over 5 million dollars to help people in less developed counties deal with DES.

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