Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Bacon Becomes Currency Of The Future

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    Perhaps the world most precious commodity, bacon, has become even more precious. With the dollar sinking faster that President Joe Biden’s rating and lack of confidence in cryptocurrency, bacon has become the future of currency.

    “Right now the monetary world needs a currency that they can trust,” said Henry Pings, Bank Manager for Potato Bank in Central Idaho. “People need a currency that they can not only trust, but one they can believe in —what other commodity on this planet is more desired and trusted than bacon.”

    Countries in Europe have already adapted the bacon monetary system for all transactions.

    “Honestly, I love paying with bacon,” said Swedish resident, Lucas Andersson. “It has helped me save a ton of money. When I have to hand over one pound of bacon to ride the Metro, I think twice about going to work.”

    China has not yet adopted the new currency, but has made several large purchases of pig farms throughout America in which President Biden had this to say, “America will be a leader in bacon and to make sure we are I have made several contracts with China to have them produce all of our bacon.”

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