Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Bank Of American Installs ATM’s For Vaccinated And Unvaccinated

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    Bank of America announced this morning that they will be installing separate ATM’s for vaccinated people and unvaccinated people in all of their banks.

    “We need to segregate people,” said Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan,” I mean not segregate segregate that would be horrible and this country should never do that — but we need to segregate our vaccinated customers from our unvaccinated customers. Our first step in doing this is to install separate ATM’s for each group to use. We plan on expanding our segregation to bathrooms, drinking fountains, and ultimately banks themselves.”

    While it is the policy of Bank of America to not segregate based on sex, race, age, eye color, gender identity, widows peaks, language, hair color, skin color, accents, food preference, bathroom preference, toothpaste cap attachment preference, soda drink consumption, fart smell, or the way a person eats, the updated policy will segregate based on vaccination status. However, BofA’s policy will only segregate based on COVID-19 status and not any other vaccine.

    “We think that all companies should segregate their customers,” said President Joe Biden who advocates the separating people into two groups based on their health, which is not their choice.

    CEO Moynihan added, “This is not like the segregation of history’s past. This is segregation of the future. The ignorant people of history segregated people we are not doing that — we are segregating people — it’s not the same.”

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