Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Administration To Restart “Remain In Mexico” Program — Mexicans Say Happy To Remain

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    Top immigration enforcement officials in President Biden’s administration announced today that they will reactivate the “Remain In Mexico” program to help curve the flow of immigrants into the U.S..

    However in a recent poll conducted by Spaghetti Thumbs 100% of Mexicans are now more than happy to “Remain in Mexico” due to the lack of leadership from the Biden administration and increasing mandates. Many Mexicans fear that they will be told to eat their vegetables.

    One Mexican citizen had this to say, “Of course we want a better life, but we see how Biden is working and we are just not sure that America is any better than Mexico right now.”

    Jose Jose, a former Federal Police Officer made this statement, “Yes America will give us all free stuff, but I’m not sure that it’s worth it right now. The President is destroying the country and crime is worse there than here.”

    And Jose Jose Jose told us that he worried about his freedoms, “My family came from Cuba to Mexico in 1977, I know what a dictatorship looks like — my family will stay in Mexico where mandates are far less.”

    Jose Jose Jose Jose made the statement that echos most Mexicans right now, “Mexico is empty and I live the space!”

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