Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Calls Trump For Help With Poor Rating

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    Spaghetti Thumbs has secured an audio file of a phone call placed by President Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump in which Biden clearly asks for help with his low self esteem.

    Biden: “Hello old enemy,” greeted President Biden. “Thank you for taking my call. I need your help with my poor rating. You at one time had an extremely low rating — how did you deal with it?”

    Trump: “Let’s be real my adversary,” former President Trump retorted. “Your rating is the worst of any President. Your rating is worse than mine ever was — and not to mention that your withdrawal from Afghanistan was the worst thing ever and —”

    Biden: “Yes. Yes, I know, but one President to another how did you deal with it?”

    Trump: “That’s easy I just repeated to myself — I beat Hilary Clinton by a lot — by a lot. And lots of Mac Donald’s didn’t hurt either.”

    Biden: “Ha ha ha ha. Jill only lets me eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So what your saying though is that for me I just reflect on the fact that I got away with cheating — a lot.”

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