Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Contracts Cruise Ships To Bring More Immigrants To America

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    President Joe Biden has contracted a fleet of cruise ships from all major cruise companies to bring more immigrants to America in style.

    “There are simply too many immigrants coming to this country,” stated the President. “The borders are impacted beyond the control of the border patrol, but my administration has a solution. We will take advantage of the supply chain problem and open the ports to all immigrants. Cruise ships will help trillions more come to this county.”

    Sally Waterman, head of Disney Cruises, released this statement via their Facebook page, “we believe in equality for all and will give all “asylum guests” on our ships free life time tickets to our parks while raising the price of admission for all citizen guests by $1,000 per minute per day.” Facebook flagged the post as non discriminatory.

    Press secretary Jan Psaki said in a statement following the President’s speech that, “Cruise Ship companies will be compensated at a rate of one million per citizen adjacent person and in an effort to help lower inflation they would print the money needed to pay for this, but assured the American public that it would not cost them a cent.

    A spokesman person for Carnival quickly issued this statement following the press conference, “It is our duty to do this and we will make sure that our ships are completely packed.”

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