Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Mandates That Fallen Police Officers Get Vaccinated

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    President Biden on Saturday paid tribute to American’s fallen police officers, telling families that he will now required all fallen police officers to get vaccinated.

    “Policing is a harder job now than ever and it is imperative that all police officers alive and dead get vaccinated,” Biden said, then in a soft whisper continued, “Vaccination stops bullets.”

    Dr Fauci, not one to contradict to the President, very politely did correct him. “Only those officers that get boosters will be fully protected from bullets that is why the fallen officers should get vaccinated and in eights months get boosters.”

    “While I agree that we need to reduce police budgets — I vow to add more money for vaccinations so that both alive and dead officers can be protected.”

    When asked about the science to back up giving shots to those officers that are dead, Biden turned to health expert Dr. Fauci. “It has been proven that these vaccines are safe and effective for all — especially those that have perished while on duty.”

    Biden then spent the next four hours talking about his own loss then checked his watch, and with a blank face he read the teleprompter, “Exit to the left.”

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