Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Says We Are In A War Of The Un-Vasectomy

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a rare press conference, President Joe Biden warned Americans that the country is at war with the un-vasectomy.

    “It’s 2020,” said Biden, “and we find ourselves at war with those that are vasectomies and those and are un-vasectomies. This is a hostile overtaking of those that just won’t get a vasectomy. I know that my mandates are not popular, but they are legal — all people alive and dead in this country shall get a vasectomy by January 17th.”

    With the deadline to get a vasectomy just around the corner many experts fear that the hospitals will be overwhelmed with vasectomy surgeries.

    California has actives the National Guard in order to help with performing vasectomies. New York has sent all their residents home kits so that they can do an at home procedure.

    Medical experts have filled lawsuits arguing that it is not even possible for women and children to have such a procedure, but the Biden administration while admitting that their is no ‘government solution’ to this problem, the President has repeatedly stated that “ice cream solves all problems so go get your vasectomy.”

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