Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Sets Up Reminders To Help Him Remember That He’s President

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Biden administration has spent 1.3 billion dollars on various programs to help President Joe Biden remember that he is in fact the President.

    Sources inside the White House state that the President is having an alarming amount of “forgettable moments” in many areas, but most of all the President is having trouble remembering that he is the President.

    “Don’t be dog face pony,” one report stated, as Biden yelled at his staff. “President Harris is the President. Stop calling on me to do all these press conferences — she’s the President — get her to do them.”

    “It’s alarming,” said one inside source. “He just can’t remember.”

    The White House has spent a tremendous amount of money on sticky notes, strings for the President’s finger, and repetitive meditation.

    “We have places thousands of sticky notes everywhere reminding him that he is the President,” said one White House staffer. “We spend about three hours a day in constant repetition, chanting ‘Biden is President — I am President — I am Biden and I am President.’ It seems to help some — I think.”

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