Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Biden Tells Story Of Time When He Fought In Civil War

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    For many the Civil War seems like ancient history but not for our current 46th President who tells they story of his time in the Confederate Army.

    The age defying President Joe Biden went on a tangent during this morning’s press conference enlightening reporters of his heroism during America’s toughest time over a hundred and fifty years ago.

    “During the Civil War I drove a large horse drawn trailer,” said Biden. “I quickly became very proficient in driving some of the biggest trailers delivering supplies to confederate soldiers. With me behind the reins there were no supply chain issues. I became so proficient in driving a trailer that I was able to rescue my wife who burned down in our log cabin.”

    Biden then took a story break to cough heavily in which he promised the room that it was just a cold that he had gotten from his cat.

    “One night while I was dining with President Abraham Lincoln I coughed on First Lady Mary Ann Todd,” continued Biden. “It was then that I told President Lincoln to demand the South produce more cotton in order to win the war. It was my advice to the President that lowered the cost of clothes half a shilling. I also mentioned that he should look into the idea of mail-in voting”

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