Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Biden To Add Wind Farm To Ocean To Blow Away All Pollution

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden has announced an ambitious plan to add more than a million windmills to the Atlantic Ocean in order to blow all the pollution away.

    “We must do something now in order to fight this pandemic of global warming,” the President said this morning. “Windmills in the Atlantic Ocean will not only blow all the pollutants out of our country, but will also bring a cooling effect on shore that will help reduce global warming by 1% by the year 2576. That may seem…hey I did this (the President whispered)…I…I…I can eliminate this problem.”

    Ramforce, a solar wind company, owned by Hunter Biden, has revived a 100 trillion dollar contract to build and install the windmills, at which Press Secretary Jan Psaki has assured the public that no persons or government will benefit from this contract.

    Scientist from all over the globe have weighed in on the effectiveness of the President’s plan. “Will it work,” stated Jim Masters. “Creating an artificial jest stream will change weather patterns, but the long term effects — who knows because we won’t be around to study it.”

    Democrats hail the wind farm as a much needed progressive move that will unite the world in cooler temperatures. But Republicans see the plan as one that will bring war. “If we blow all our warm air, not to mention pollutants over to Europe— well I don’t think they will be happy about it. Then they will install their own ocean wind farm and we will be in a constant wind war,” stated Senator Mitt Romney.

    No announcement have been made as to when construction will begin. But an artistic rendering done in crayon by Hunter Biden has been released and then sold at an art auction for $100 million.

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