Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Businesses Ask Government To Make Everyday Black Friday

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    A petition signed by over two people has made its way to Washington in a bid to make everyday Black Friday.

    Eric Henderson, the founder of Black Years Forever, says that business are dying and that by making everyday Black Friday business will be able to make a profit from day one and not have to wait until the end of November.

    “Black Friday is where companies make money,” says Henderson, “without it, businesses that sell stuff wouldn’t make any money. It is Black Friday that drives people to over spend and buy goods they don’t need. We are calling on the President to sign an executive order to make everyday Black Friday so that business can survive and people can be happy by giving them more out of control shopping days.”

    Deirdre Kitspatrck, who was the one to sign the petition, made this statement, “It’s not fair that I have to wait until November to shop. I think it should be an American right to shop on Black Friday any day of the year — so yeah, I support Black Years Forever.”

    House Republicans say the petition is reckless and would add trillions of dollars to consumer debt. Mr. Henderson released this statement in regard to the rising concern, “Our petition is two sided and very responsible. Our petition calls for the President to grant credit card forgiveness to everyone who owns a credit card so that they can be debt free and spend more money on all Black Fridays, which will be everyday.”

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