Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    California Uses Supply Chain Problems To Solve Homeless Problems

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    CALIFORNIA — No other state has been hit harder with supply chain problems than the Golden State with an enormous amount of shipping containers plugging up ports and residential streets.

    But in recent weeks officials have decided to find the silver lining in the self created problems and used the excess of shipping containers to temporarily house the people without housing.

    “We are innovators,” declared Governor Gavin Newsom. “Where others see problems or political issues we see potential to house the people without housing. These containers are just sitting here has created a tremendous opportunity to created temporary housing. We have moved all the good inside to long term storage and installed portable bathrooms inside each storage container.”

    The cost of the project termed “Supplied Housing” is estimated at 1 trillion dollars.

    “The majority of the funds were spent on moving the goods from the container to storage units,” said project manager Darryl Huntington.

    The project has not come without backlash from economists who question the amount of money spent on moving the goods from the storage containers.

    “It costs a lot of money to move these good,” stated Huntington. “If it didn’t then we wouldn’t have a supply chain problem to begin with, but rest assured that the high cost of moving these goods is worth it to supply free housing for those who don’t want to work.”

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