Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Canada Removes All History — Now Doesn’t Know Who They Are

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    In a move to be a better country and a leader amongst the world, Canada has removed all of its history.

    First, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau removed all statues, from statues of people to statues of animals. Then the Prime Minister had all history relating to Canada redacted by kindergartners using a rainbow of crayons. But the Prime Minister did not stop there, an army of computer experts wiped out all references to the County off the internet.

    “We must teach our children that history is not what we have done, but what we will do. We do not live by history, but live to create it and then erase it so we don’t live by it, “stated Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Canadians called the removal of their history ground breaking, but now they don’t know who they are or if it truly was groundbreaking because they have no history to compare it to.

    “We are a County of syrup and snow — but I don’t know what to call us anymore.”

    “Were am I from?” pondered Liam Leaf, a resident from Ottawa, “I am from the country next to the United States…” another resident made this comment about her County. “I live in…I…I don’t know the name — I can’t remember it.”

    The rest of the world has been left without a mane to call the Country and refers to it as the Country that shall not be named, but wonders if that is enough in their support of the Country’s move.

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