Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Chrissy Teigen Responds To Backlash Over Ear Hair Transplant

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    Model and cookbook author has updated her look with thicker fuller looking ears. The 35-year-old shared the story on her Instagram.

    “I never wear earrings, if I can avoid it. I am so thankful for this ear hair surgery. They take hair from the bottom of your butt!!!” Teigen expanded her experience telling her followers that the ear hair was still a little light but would darken in a few days giving her ears a more fuller look. “I was always hesitant to put my hair up or back. I worried that my ears would look so naked. But now — I don’t think I will ever wear my hair down again.” But then she warned teens, “Don’t pluck all your butt hair off.”

    Teigen quickly received heat from many haters on Twitter. Comments such as, “must be nice to be rich and have ears full of hair.” and “Old man problems!!!” flooded her account. Teigen caught wind of the posts and hit back, “Why do you all care what my ears look like — you know I’m just going to Photoshop them in any pick I post.”

    Dr. Diamond, Teigen’s plastic surgeon, came to the model’s rescue with this post on his own Instagram account, “Some people suffer from overt bottom hair that has to be painstakingly removed and airbrushed in social media posts, and at the same time they may also suffer from underdeveloped ear hair. This experimental procedure provides a solution to both problems.”

    We reached out to Teigen’s team for comment, but they did not respond to our request about the backlash. However, the model’s latest post referred to a large donation of “hair” to people who can’t grow mustaches.

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