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    Dear Walter: My fiancée has a very annoying clap and I’m not sure if I should tell her?

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    Dear Walter,

    I am set to get married in a week and have started to have second thought because of how annoying my fiancée claps and she claps at everything. She is the one person who always starts the clapping at the beginning of a movie or even at home when she watches sports with me. It’s like a slow clap that makes the most horrible sound. It’s not a normal clap. I don’t know if I should tell her? Should I ask her not to clap?

    — Should I Clap Back

    Dear Should I Clap Back,

    First of all I don’t know what it means to clap back. Clapping is applause in recognition of someone or approval of something someone has done. You do not clap back — if anything you clap forward.

    And while we are on the subject. I think the concept of clapping is just strange. People banging there hands together like idiots to tell someone they like what they doing or did. Why not bang your feet together, but that whole topic is besides the point.

    That being said if your fiancée has an annoying habit that can’t stand you have one very simple choices. You can focus on her nature beauty. If she is ugly then I suggest getting ear plugs.

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