Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Dear Walter: My son wants a Perl necklace — is that okay?

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    Dear Walter,

    I am not entirely sure why, but my son wants a Perl necklace. I was told by a coworker that it might have something to do with baseball, but I can’t believe that any athlete would wear a Perl necklace. My son loves baseball and wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. Should I give into the culture and get my son a girl’s necklace.

    — Confused Culturally

    Dear Confused Culturally,

    Your coworker is absolutely correct. The idea of wearing a Perl necklace came from a very confused and misguided baseball player. That being said, your son has no chance of playing in the Majors — so crush his dreams now and buy him an iPad instead.

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