Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Environmentalists Want N.Y. Jets To Change Name — Jets Are Bad For The Air

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    No team name is safe these days and the latest to succumb to the cancel culture movement is the New York Jets.

    Why is the name jets so controversial? Environmentalists advocate Harper Green has this to say, “People just don’t understand how bad global warming is and a huge part of this problem is jets. Jets are the most harmful pollutant to our atmosphere and that any team would name themselves after something so detrimental to the environment is just wrong. The sky must be so hurt. I just know it cries every time that team plays a game.”

    Opposition to the call to change the team name has taken form in the crowd chant of “Zoooooooooom!” followed by the action of arms spread out like wings.

    Mainstream news has reported the action as racist and calls for the chants to stop as jet will take offense to the cries and may not fly for us anymore.

    The New York Jest organization has remained silent on the issue, but rumors abound that they may change their name to the New York Gliders in order to be more climate conscious.

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