Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Expert Says Identify As Opposite Gender To Not Get Pregnant

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    A recent study conducted by expert medical scientist, Omar Bettington, reveled that by identifying as the opposite gender one would be protected from getting pregnant.

    The study found that females who identified as males and abstain from all sexual activity would indeed be a better form of birth control than existing forms of contraceptive.

    “Our study aimed to prove that if one simply identifies as the opposite gender then they indeed would be that gender and thus not be able to get pregnant. Our study, conducted from a large sample size of two females, had them simple identify as male for the course of several months. During those months we had them abstain from and forms of relations from either gender and found that they did not get pregnant. The science is clear — a female only need to identify as a male, (and forgo sex) for better birth control.”

    When asked about a recent study that proved that males can indeed get pregnant, Dr. Bettington had this to say, “Yes, in that case if a man then identifies as a female then he would most likely need to go on some other form of birth control, but we must understand that we are still at the forefront of understanding gender identity and how that affects the biology of the human body.”

    Dr. Bettington is slated to perform research into the gender identity of cats and dogs to see if they too could be protected from getting pregnant, and forgo spade and neutering surgeries.

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