Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Experts Say Sleep 24 Hours A Day To Reduce Stress

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    Life is full of stress and we all try to finds ways to minimize the toll it takes on our lives. Health experts now have a cure for stress — sleep — and lots of it.

    “Stress is the true pandemic of this world,” says Health Expert Caroline Bitterwell, “but fortunately we have finally discovered a cure after decades and decades of research and that cure is sleep. We now know that the only way to cure stress is to sleep for 24 hours straight for a minimum of 7 days a week. The average person gets about 6 hours of sleep a night which lets all that stress from the day build up and people hang on to it. However, if a person sleeps for 24 hours straight then all that stress goes away — in fact it never develops. People should not deal with the stress — that creates a conflict and a disagreement within oneself, and we know that disagreements are not good. To be truly health we must eradicate all disagreements.”

    Days after Bitterwell released her finding both Pfizer and Modern announced a new vaccine for being awake. “Our new A-Wake vaccine will reduce the symptoms of being a wake by about 83% helping the American public sleep for days on end thus reducing the stress in their lives to almost zero,” stated Johnson Hashly, spokesperson for Pfizer.

    We reached out to other health experts to see if they all agreed with Bitterwell’s findings, but all the doctors we contacted declined to comment.

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