Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Fauci Calls Micheal Vick For Advice On How To Organize An Animal Fighting Ring

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    Health experts and medical advisor to the President, Dr. Fauci has been caught organizing an animal fight for elite scientists. Late last night the FBI raided the doctors home, the action was based on information collected from a wiretap authorized by the FDA.

    Spaghetti Thumbs has revived a copy of the recorded phone call:

    Fauci: Hello Micheal, this is the world famous Dr. Anthony Fauci. You might know me from left-wing media sources like CNN and MSNBC. I am putting together a…let’s call it a “show,” and I was hoping you could help me…let’s say plan it.”

    Vick: Oh Dawg — I know what you talk’n about — you want to throw down with a dog fight.

    Fauci: No [Fauci laughs]. I would never put dogs in a position that allows them to fight back. No — I want to put on a “show” with sand flies.

    Vick: Sand flies, what kind of show would that be?

    Fauci: It will be great, just ask my friend…Beagle.

    Vick: Ah man — all animals are beautiful and I’m not sure I can help you with that.

    Fauci: Well, lucky for you, sand flies are insects and besides no one will ever know as long as we all wear our face masks — the media doesn’t care what we do as long as we wear our face masks.

    Vick: I…You will get caught — trust me.

    Fauci: You don’t have to worry — I am Dr. Anthony Fauci. What are they going to do, arrest America’s top health expert — how would they get out of this pandemic without me [Fauci laughs].

    Since the FBI raid, Dr. Fauci has been seen on CNN reporting on the need for boosters. When asked about the allegations of organizing a sand fly fighting ring, Fauci had this to say, “It’s all misinformation. You have listened to the tapes and can clearly see that I did nothing of the sort. We were wearing our face masks the entire time — anyone who says differently is just reporting misinformation.”

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