Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Fauci Calls Trump For Advice On How To Hide Financials

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci placed a call on Wednesday to former President Donald Trump to ask for advice on how to hide his financials from government officials looking to oust him from Washington.

    With mounting pressure to get a hold of Fauci’s financial information relating to his pandemic dealing, Washington’s top health expert has turned to Donald Trump for help in keeping his financial information and secret dealings hidden form his political adversaries.

    Both Trump and Fauci have been outspoken about their differences with each other, but in a phone call secured by Spaghetti Thumbs, the two express a very different relationship.

    Fauci: Greetings my old friend.

    Trump: Hello, did you see this, Biden just had the worst first year ever for a President, the worst of any President, even me. I mean did you see his rating, it’s the worst ever, ever — far more than me. And did you see…

    Fauci: Yes, I know, but that’s not why I’m calling you.

    Trump: Is it about Hilary, you know I beat her by a lot — a lot.

    Fauci: Hahaha, no it’s not about her either. I need help hiding or keeping certain people from looking at my financial records.

    Trump: Become President. You know that when I was President we had far better borders than we do now, far more secure. And when I was President…

    Fauci: Yes, yes, I know, but what do I do about keeping my financial records hidden from certain — well from everyone.

    Trump: Take it from me — if you don’t want people to form a witch hunt against you — don’t be a MORON.

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