Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Germany Rebuilds The Berlin Wall And Moves Unvaccinated People To West Berlin

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    EAST BERLIN — Germany announced that they have begun re-construction of the Berlin Wall to protect its people from Covid-19.

    Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel said that with the surging cases of Covid-19 rebuilding the Berlin Wall just made sense. “By putting unvaccinated people in West Germany we can eradicate Covid-19 from East Germany any finally get rid of this disease from our people.”

    Her successor Olaf Scholz said that he agrees with the measure and fully supports the rebuilding of Wall. “This is not about people. We do not care about the people. We want to stop this disease from spreading. We plan to build the Wall a mile high this time to ensure that no new variants of Covid-19 can get into East Germany once and for all.”

    Chancellor Merkel also announced that the wall would be erected in record time. “We plan to have this new and improved wall built within three days. Former President Donald Trump has put us in touch with a few good contractors that will move most swiftly.”

    As of this morning the German army has begun the process of relocating unvaccinated people to West Germany via train boxcars.

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