Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Give Up New Year’s Resolutions Now And Get Ahead

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    Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions and every year millions of people break those resolutions.

    Life coach Diana Sitswell says that by giving up on your New Year’s resolutions right after you make them you are actually getting ahead. “You should definitely make New Year’s resolutions,” says Sitswell. “But the first thing you should do right after you make them is give up on them, then check them off your list as done. Yes, you technically didn’t accomplish them, but you never were going to complete them anyway. This way you trick your brain into believing that you are actually accomplishing something and in turn making yourself healthier.”

    “I make a long list of resolutions every year,” says Gerald Howsmith, a long time Spaghetti Thumbs reader, “and I don’t think I have ever completed one of them. I will definitely take Sitswell’s advice, I mean she is a life coach — they’re like the most knowledgeable about this kind of stuff.”

    Another reader had this to say, “I feel better already and I haven’t even started to give up yet.”

    Diana Sitswell further expanded on her philosophy by stating that, “You should not limit yourself to just New Year’s resolutions but that you should look to see if you can quit other parts of your life before you get started — quit now what you’ll quit eventually — that’s my motto.”

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