Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    God Creates Vaccine Calls It Antibodies

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    Some scientists have recently discover that God has made a vaccine for COVID-19. Named Antibodies, the natural vaccine, was believed to be in circulation since the creation of man and is recognized by one scientist to provide better protection than recent man-made vaccines.

    “Yes, God made this vaccine and somehow put it into the body of every person,” said Dr. Glasshart. “You could say that God had the first mandate — he mandated this vaccine and got 100% compliance.”

    The science community reports Dr. Glasshart’s findings as misinformation and are pushing for his doctorate to be withdrawn from him.

    Phil Ozbon, one of many outspoken scientists against the Antibodies vaccine had this to say, “While we don’t fully understand how vaccines work or how long their immunity lasts — we know for certain that all man-made products, like the man-made vaccine are far superior than anything God could possible make. If man could create this planet or the universe we certainly would have created it to be safer and more effective.”

    Meanwhile swarms of people, from cities across the world, have gathered, in mostly peaceful protest, in Saint Peter’s Square demanding that the Pope ask God to remove their natural Antibodies vaccines.

    The Pope addressed the people this morning with the following comments, “I have done as you all wanted and asked God to remove these Antibodies — but Jesus said he doesn’t know who I am and told me to depart from him. So we are asking for all of you to please donate money right now so we can see if we can purchase our way out of this Antibodies mandate.”

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