Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    GoFundMe Removes Santa’s Fundraising Then Reinstates It

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    In the wake of supply chain issues, Santa had started a GoFundMe fundraiser to secure capital in order to outsource his production of toys to Chinese elves.

    But the fundraiser was quickly removed, the company citing that it was a violation against their Terms of Service Agreement. “It is GoFundMe’s policy to not allow the raising of funds for magical creatures like Santa,” said CEO Tim Cadogan. “A fundraiser for magical creatures looking to raise funds for breaking and entering without authorization is an action that goes against our Terms.”

    The issue of Santa breaking into millions of homes was recently brought before the UN Security Council who unanimously voted to acquit Santa of all charges regarding his Christmas Eve events.

    In light of the recent actions taken by the UN, GoFundMe has reinstated Santa’s fundraiser. “Since Santa was declared a magical jolly old man with authorization to enter all homes via the chimney, GoFundMe has reinstated Santa’s fundraiser as it does not violate this policy.”

    President Joe Biden, who had previously said that Santa is a criminal, released this statement, “We don’t have to like what we don’t like — but when people do things that we don’t like we can express that anger with protests on bridges. Once my wife burned up in a house fire and I had to drive across a bride.”

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