Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Governor Newsom Installs Menstrual Huts In Public Schools

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    SACRAMENTO, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that will install menstrual huts in all schools, both public and private.

    “Today I have declared freedom for all children, both men and women,” stated Newsom. “No child should ever be unequipped for such a natural act of life. No child should ever be distracted from learned because of such a thing. I want all children of all genders to know that this State will provide for them and that their parents do not need to. We will give them the correct tools in order to cultivate the right environment for learning. Now kids do not need to buy certain products, they can used the huts and continue to learn via Zoom.”

    Child psychologist, Jackie Loperts had this to say about the new policy. “Isolating kids for such natural things like menstruating is a wonderful way to build confidence into our children. And to do this while still providing a way for them to learn is truly powerful.”

    Not everyone was in favor of the move but we cannot reports such opposition as parents were not allowed to speak at school board hearings as the FBI guarded the entrances to all school board room across the state.

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