Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Grandma Denied $10 Withdrawal Gets Last Laugh

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    LOS ANGELES, CA — People everywhere are gearing up for the holidays and with that comes the joys of visiting the bank. But not all banking trips can be filled with blissful cheer as one grandma quickly found out.

    Lee Overwood, visited her bank on Monday to withdraw $10 dollars from her account for a light lunch to go with her holiday shopping excursion.

    After waiting three hours in line, Mrs. Overwood stepped up to the teller and presented a withdrawal slip requesting $10 dollars from her checking account. “I handed the nice lady the slip and she shook her head at me,” Mrs. Overwood recounts, “She told me that I had to use the ATM for that small of a withdrawal. I was so confused. I told her that I didn’t know what an ATM was and that I just wanted $10 dollars.”

    Bystanders report that the teller refused to give Mrs. Overwood her money and repeatedly directed the kind old lady to the snow covered ATM’s outside.

    It was then that Mrs. Overwood decided that she would withdrawal all her money from the bank. “I had enough and asked the lady for all my money, but she once again wouldn’t give it to me.”

    “If a customer wishes to close an account of sizable value it is bank policy for that customer to schedule an appointment to do so,” said bank manager Freddy Dirksen.

    But not to be out done Mrs. Overwood simply asked the teller to give her ask much money as the bank would allow her to withdrawal. The teller informed Mrs. Overwood that if she would like she could withdrawal the maximum of $10,000 dollars.

    Mrs. Overwood wasted no time and requested the large withdrawal to given to her in ten dollar bills. For the next twenty minutes the entire bank watched as the teller counted out one thousand ten dollar bills.

    Once the teller was done, Mrs. Overwood licked her finger and slicked off a crisp ten dollar bill and placed it in her pocketbook then looked back at the tell and said, “Hello, I would like to deposit $10,990 dollars please.”

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