Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Harvard To Offer Political Science Class On How To Properly Harass Women

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    Harvard University announced that it would be offering a class next year for Political Science majors on how to properly harass women taught by former New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

    “I have learned a lot,” said Cuomo. “I just want to help future politicians from making the same mistakes I made.”

    “We have watched many Governors, Senators, and even some Presidents not properly harass women,” said Harvard Dean Jan Woo. “As the top University for politicians we felt that it was our moral responsibility to address this wrong and properly teach the future politicians the correct way to properly harass women.”

    The class syllabus includes topics such as:

    • How to select your subject to be harassed
    • How to decide between verbal and sexual harassment
    • How to avoid the media
    • How to properly apologize and deny any wrong doing

    Many outspoken officials say the new class is sexist as it excludes female officials and neglects to teach them how to properly harass male staffers.

    “I have repeatedly sexually harassed my male staff members,” said one Senator who asked to remain anonymous. “I carry a lot of anxiety wondering if I’m doing it right. I wish I had this class when I was younger and I hope that they will include a section for female officials in the near future.”

    Harvard has made no comments if they will alter their syllabus to be more inclusive.

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