Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Hot Holiday Toy: The Pet Face Mask

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    Every year Christmas ushers in one toy that sends parents into a frenzy and brings riots to stores. And this year is no different. This year’s hot toy is a re-imagined version of a classic: The Pet Face Mask.

    Kids everywhere are done playing with video games, action figures, and even dolls in hopes of a toys that provides more fun, a toy that they can take with them everywhere, a toy that they are lawfully requires to take with them everywhere.

    “A Pet Face Mask is the best toy ever. I hope Santa brings me one so I can love it and walk it everywhere, besides I will feel really protected having one,” said Joey, a 10 year-old from San Diego.

    Stores have been sold out for months and online sites record severe back orders. But parents continue to search every minute of every day.

    “My son Billy wants one so bad. He has normal face masks obviously, but none that would qualify as a pet. I have been to about a hundred stores in three different states and nothing — I can’t find a Pet Face Mask anywhere.”

    Some people on Facebook are reportedly selling the $10 toy for over $5,000. Facebook has marked the posts as constitutional.

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