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    How To Celebrate New Year’s Safely

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    New Year’s Eve safety can help you have a fun and worry free celebration of the coming year. With winter surges here, it’s important to consider New Year’s Eve safety when planning for your holiday event.

    Spaghetti Thumbs is here to help you navigate this holiday as we say goodby to a rather horrible year and ring in a new one. Follow these safety tips and enjoy this celebration while minimizing your risk.

    Rethink Your Guest List

    If you are planning on hosting an event — don’t. Keep your guest list to just yourself. If you live in a house with other family members sequester them to different parts of the house. Keep in touch through texting or FaceTime.

    What Should You Do On New Year’s Eve All By Yourself?

    • If you are in a position to celebrate this holiday all by yourself, consider making a list of free states to move to next year so that you can actually mingle with people.
    • Watch a movie where people have it worse off than you.
    • Read a book where people have it worse off than you.
    • Eat.
    • Just Eat.

    If You Decide To Attend A Party

    Don’t. Remember White House Health Expert Anthony Fauci says the best way to remain safe is to remain celibate.

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