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    How To Have A Safe Halloween In 2021

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    Almost everyone wants to know if is it safe to celebrate Halloween this year. Health experts all over the country say the answer is both yes and no depending on who you listen to, and for some well they say one thing then change their minds, but don’t worry Spaghetti Thumbs is here to break it down for you.

    The Short answer is yes celebrating Halloween this year is safe as long as you follow certain rules:

    Rule 1. Wear a mask at all times. Experts agree that you should wear a mask over your costume mask, most experts go so far as to say that you make sure that you can’t breath just to be safe. Their number one choice for costume is a mummy. Health expert Dr. Joann Bitterson gives this recommendation, “Dressing as a mummy allows you and your child to cover not only the mouth but also the nose, that’s important. And in some case you may want to consider wrapping those bandages over the eyes as well — most importantly — have fun and be safe,”

    Rule 2. When trick-or-treating, use a six foot pole to ring the doorbell. Dr. Bitterson suggests using a broomstick which is a good choice as it can also be used as part of your costume. “Even if you dress as a mummy, a broomstick can still be a part of your costume — be creative,” she says. “But for those of you that are in more crowded areas of trick-or-treating consider using services like DoorDash or Postmates to deliver your candy from door to bag.” Other health experts suggest that it would be safer for your kids to trick-or-treat by themselves alone. “Kids should aim to stick to dark alleyways as to avoid the COVID virus,” says expert Dr. Von Beenson.

    Rule 3. Avoid séances. The CDC warns against séances this year as the dead you may be attempting to contact will most likely not be vaccinated. “We have done the numbers and it just isn’t safe,” says Director of the CDC Public Relations Dr. Henry Litchens, “The chances that you contact a vaccinated person while conducting a séances is really really low because of the science behind such activities and we would advise that you just don’t take that risk even if you yourself have been vaccinated.”

    Rule 4. Wear a mask and gloves while carving pumpkins. Jack-o’-lanterns are a favorite tradition for most all kids, but special precautions should be taken to be safe. Dr. Bitterson says that gloves and masks should be worn at all times when caving pumpkins. “Because you are not eating the pumpkin, but carving it, COVID posses a risk for transmittal. If you were to ingest the pumpkin than you would be okay. So you may want to consider eating the pumpkin as you carve it or to be safe just wear your face mask and gloves.” Other health experts suggest that you not only wear gloves and a face covering, but that you carve your pumpkin in an empty corn field alone.

    Rule 5. Eat only candy corn. When it comes to candy this Halloween stick to heather choices like candy corn which the FDA classifies as a vegetable. Not only is this a healthier choice, but it is also a safer one too. All health experts agree that while fruits like pumpkins are capable of spreading COVID, vegetables do not, so that is why experts like Dr. Bitterson recommends that you only eat or hand out candy corn this Halloween.

    Just remember that top health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says that, “You can get out there and enjoy it.” So do it before he changes his mind!

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