Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    How To Make A Facemask Man For The Holidays

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    We are in an environmental pandemic with more face masks littering the grounds than cases of Covid and with all those face masks, editorial editor Willowmwna Williams has one creative way to recycle all those disposable masks — build a facemask man.

    “The great thing about building a facemask man is that anyone can do it,” says Willowmena. “No longer do you have to live somewhere it snows to partake in this holiday activity, everyone can make a facemask man or Masky. Below you will find the proper way to build your very own Masky.”

    Step 1. Know your face masks

    The first thing you need to build a facemask man is face masks. Luckily for you they are everywhere — but due to a lack of governmental oversight there are a million different kinds of face masks from cotton to g-string so which one is best. Willowmena says, “look for white disposable 3 ply face mask which provide the right amount of rigidness to help your facemask man stand. According to experts you will need about 300 disposable white face masks to build a 4 foot facemask man.

    Pro Tip: Don’t let subpar face mask prevent you from bringing Masky to life. Simply add some starch to cloth masks to help give them extra stiffness.

    Step 2. Isolate from your friends

    Unlike building a traditional snowman, one should isolate from friends and family to build a facemask man. Sure it’s not as fun to be all alone, but remember safety first.

    Step 3. Select the perfect location

    First walk outside, then pick a location that is sheltered from wind, rain, sun, and people. Yes this will be difficult to find outside, but to showcase your efforts, selecting the proper location will be worth it.

    Step 4. Get Scooping

    To get started, scoop up all the used face mask you can gather. Make sure to look in the gutters and under cars. Next, stack face mask in a circular pattern until the desired height is achieved. Then repeat for the mid section and head making each one smaller than the previous.

    Step 5. Fill in the gaps

    Use slightly more worn face mask to fill in gaps and holes. Think of this step as trying to plug up all the Covid that could be escaping your Masky.

    Step 6. Let your creativity shine

    Now that you have a body it’s time to let your creativity out and decorate your Masky. Coal or rocks make good eyes and discarded syringes make for a good nose. Use branches or broomsticks for arms. Give your creation a funky hat or scarf. And last don’t for get to button up your Masky’s mouth with a good quality face mask.


    There you have it — that’s how to make a proper facemask man. Remember nothing brings more Merry Cheer than to self isolate and wear a face mask.

    Merry Christmas!!!

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