Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Indian Man Gets 100 Covid Shots — Says Has Cured His Baldness

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    Retired postman, Brahmde Mandin, 65, has revived 100 doses of the vaccine in Bihar state, which was verified by health officials.

    Mandin has never tested positive for the virus and has not been sick in over five years, but health experts don’t care about his health — no, they are much more interested in the other benefits that Mandin has received from taking the excess of shots.

    What exactly were the other benefits Mandin received from that overdose — Hair. Mandin said the jabs had helped him to grow hair. “I got my twelfth shot and started to notice that I had a single hair growing from the right side of my head. Then on my twenty-third shot I notices three more hairs. I was ecstatic because I have not had as single hair in over thirty years. I couldn’t stop getting the jabs — I went to every site in all of India and on my eightieth shot I had a full head of hair. I wanted to be sure the hair would stay and continued until I had gotten one hundred shots.”

    Health experts are flabbergasted. “I can’t explain what is going on,” said top virologist, Darsh Darpin. “I have studied Mr. Mandin’s chemistry and have no answers.”

    Many men in Indian have started to line up for multiple jabs, wanted to cure their baldness as well, creating a shortage of vaccines.

    Mandin says that his hair is luscious and a real pleasure to wash.

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