Thursday, June 13, 2024

    IRS To Help Criminals Report Stolen Items As Income

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    The IRS announced that they have started a new program aimed at helping criminals abide by the law and properly report illegally obtained money on their income taxes.

    The new programs called “Criminal Injustice Justice Reform” aims to provide IRS agents to help criminals and thieves report stolen property properly on their income tax returns.

    “We understand that these are hard times,” said IRS spokesperson Janelle Wong. “We want to provide help to those that don’t have access to accountants or CPAs to properly report their criminal activities. Drug dealers make a lot of money, but because of their illegal activities they don’t have access to experts who can help them file their tax returns accurately.”

    Services provide by the IRS include:

    • Help with itemizing stolen goods
    • Help with appraising value of stolen goods
    • Understanding the difference between a bribe and a kickback
    • Understanding what form to report illegal money earned

    Agent Wong further adds, “The bottom line is that if you steal — you must report it on your tax returns!”

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