Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Kardashian’s Buy Yahoo And Change Name To Kardashahoo

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    Verizon announced this morning the sell of Yahoo and AOL to the Kardashian conglomerate. Economists and business strategists agree that with over half all postings on yahoo of the Kardashians the purchase was a perfect economic and marketing move. The new company will be renamed to Kardashahoo.

    “ I don’t know what AOL is,” said Kim Kardashian, “but we had to buy it to get Yahoo. It was only $5 billion so it’s not like it was totally outrageous — I will just make a couple tweets and few posts to pay for it — now I have complete control over the internet and my brand of selling my body.”

    A spokesperson for Kardashahoo had this to say, “The new and improved Kardashahoo search engine will have the most advanced algorithms run by artificial intelligence that will most indefinitely interpret all inquiries as wanting to search out the latest Kardashian news. It should also be noted that any searches for brother Rob will not be executed.”

    “I told Kim that I think it might be a good move for her and her sisters,” said mother and manager Kris Kardashian. “I personally think that the only purpose the internet serves is looking up the latest news about us — so yeah I guess agree with myself that this really was a great investment.”

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