Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Kids Write To Santa In Protest

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    Every year millions of kids follow a time honored tradition of writing to Santa asking him for toys. However, this year thousands have burned those letters out of protest.

    Kids everywhere have become wise to Santa’s partnership with the Biden Administration to deliver vaccinations to every kid ages 3 and up and are posting themselves burning their letters to Santa on social media in protest.

    “I want to be on the right side of history,” said Billy Smithston, an avid Santa writer from Florida. “I have joined the revolution — Santa should stay in his own reindeer lane.”

    “I don’t understand why Santa would do this,” said first time Santa writer, Heather Sopaz. “Does anybody stand for freedom these days — we want toys not mandatory shots.”

    Insider investigation has revealed that Santa has received special incentives in the form of toy distribution which many think is the real reason for supply chain problems.

    “If the reports are true,” says, Santa Historian expert, Jarvis Gills, “then yes the extra consumption of resources that Santa is receiving from the Administration would be the root cause of the supply chain problems.”

    Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have removed all protest videos of Santa letter burning and flagged them as misinformation.

    The White House has issued a statement that all Santa Letter Burners would revive vaccine infused coal in their stockings this year.

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