Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Local Seagulls Not Allowed In Restaurants Without Proof of Oil Vaccination

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    HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — Animal activist across the county are upset at a new local law that would require seagulls, who have been affected by the recent oil spill, to show proof they have been vaccinated against the oil in order to scavenge for food across Orange County restaurants.

    In one of the most important press conferences held by Huntington Beach mayor, Kim Carr gave this statement, “It is super important that all birds not just seagulls get vaccinated against this oil spill if we are ever to get back to normal and allow seagulls to scavenge for food among our restaurants.”

    Orange County health expert Clayton Chau had this to say, “We can not allow the oil to spread to others while eating. Thankfully as long as we are sitting the oil poses no threat to humans. However, it is very important for all birds to be vaccinated of the oil.”

    The city quickly received backlash as hundreds of pigeons from Los Angeles gathered outside the streets in front of the Mayors office chanting “Coo! Coo! Cooooooo!”

    We asked the Mayor’s office about the harsh remarks made by the protesters but the Mayor’s office declined to respond.

    Spaghetti Thumbs will continue to keep a close eye on this story.

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