Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Man Buys A Home In Idaho And Powers It Off Potatoes

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    BOISE, IDAHO — A long time resident of Los Angeles, Hurbie Myers, has finally made the move to Idaho looking to get some relief from…well from a long list of problems that plagues the not so Golden State.

    Hurbie not only looked to escape the rising cost of everything in California, but sought to live off the grid. “I wanted to be free,” stated Hurbie, “free from the reliance of the government types to supply my electric needs. I just simply didn’t trust them to charge my phone anymore. You see about a month ago the power went out while I was watching the Bachelor — that was the last straw. The next day, while teaching my fourth graders about nutrition and stuff making a potato clock — it hit me — I could power my house this way and never rely on “them” to power my TV again or charge my phone.”

    So without another thought, Hurbie moved to Boise where he purchased a potato farm for a fraction of the small 1/2 bedroom condo he sold for a million dollars.

    “It wasn’t easy, but my house is now fully powered by potatoes,” said Hurbie. “It takes about two million potato’s to power my TV, and it only lasts about an ten minutes, but it’s so worth it to be out of L.A..”

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