Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Man Drives 500 Miles To Save 3 Cents On Gas

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    With gas prices surging across the country people are looking for ways to save at the pump.

    Tom Bluntly is one man that has found a solution to the surging prices by driving five hundred miles to a gas station that averages three cents cheaper than other gas stations in the vicinity.

    “It’s hard work and takes most of my day, but it’s worth it to save anywhere I can. Three cents on a tank of gas may not sound like much but that’s an extra three cents in my pocket and after about a year I will have saved enough to buy a taco or…well maybe just a taco — but that’s okay driving thousands of miles to save enough to buy a taco is worth it. I just love tacos.”

    Tom Bluntly is not the only one that has found such a creative solution to the rising gas prices. Gerold Humpfy drives about eight hundred miles round trip to fill up his tank across state lines in Arizona.

    “Gas prices over there are about a whole dollar less which means I can save about eighteen dollars on a tank of gas. I fill up here then drive there. Fill up there then drive here and then in about a day or two I repeat the process. It seems ridicules, but with money so tight I need to do what I need to do.”

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