Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Man Makes Art From Used Face Masks — Only Vaccinated People Can See It

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    NEW YORK — A local artist by the name of RedVax put on an art show this weekend to showcase his new art made of recycled face masks. Like most artist, RedVax has an agenda with his art. He wants to encourage people to get vaccinate. “I just want to do my part,” says RedVax. “I infused my art with vaccines so that only people vaccinated against the COVID – 19 can see it, because I want people to know that this is safe and effective.”

    An enormous crowd of two people gathered at the opening of the show. This is what they had to say:

    “I think what RedVax is doing is really important,” said one local art goer. “I don’t know much about science but I can honestly say that I felt at peace looking at the art — I mean who wouldn’t it was so beautiful.”

    “I just can’t fathom how he got so many colors into it,” said long time art collector, Jill Gatsby. “I mean I was at Hunter Biden’s art show and what RedVax has done just makes Hunter’s art look like an amateur.”

    Dubbed, Silent Mask, the art show will remain open through Christmas Day.

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