Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Markle Says Disney Princesses Should Reject Titles

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    Meghan Markle, the Duchess Sussex, has become an outspoken activist for all Disney princesses stating that they should decline their titles and oppressors, but still live a life as a princess.

    “I came from nothing and married a princes to become a princess,” said Markle. “I know first hand what it means to be oppressed by such systems. But I have done the impossible and given up such titles, though I still keep my title because I love my title, but Disney princesses should give up their titles and separate themselves from the Disney oligarchy that controls their lives. Disney tells them what to do and say and they have to obey — it’s time for them to gain their freedom and renounce their titles.”

    Sleeping Beauty had this to say, “I was forced to kiss a prince when I was perfectly happy sleeping the rest of my life — Disney did that to me. I thank the Duchess for her strong words and I will renounce my title of princess — if Disney contractually allows me.”

    “I was forced to kiss a frog,” said princess Tiana. “I thought I loved being a princess. I thought I loved being one that kids looked up to. I thought I loved being a role model on social media — a voice for good, but Markle has shown me that I need to be more selfish and use my social media presence to influence things I know nothing about. I too renounce my princess title — of course if Disney will allow it.”

    We reached out to other Disney princesses but they declined to comment about being a princess.

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