Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Mattel Releases Genderless Barbie For Christmas

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    Following the wave of companies looking to be more politically correct and diverse, Mattel has released a genderless Barbie dolls for Christmas.

    Chairman and CEO, Ynon Kreiz, released this statement, “We want to be inclusive to all children and recognize that some children don’t have a gender, that some children don’t yet have an identity for their gender yet. That is why we created a genderless Barbie so that kids don’t have to feel the pressure of living up to a standard of being what God made them to be. Besides our dolls were already genderless down there so we really didn’t have to do much. It just made perfect business sense.”

    Connie Happenstance was one of the first to buy the new Barbie dolls and had this to say. “I was hoping that by purchasing this doll my child would not be conformed or put into a box. But I was disappointed when I discovered that the Barbie looked the same. Barbie looked like Barbie and Ken looked like Ken, so I couldn’t tell the difference between gender and genderless Barbie.”

    Many parents have spoken out against Mattel and their lack of imagination in given Barbie new forms of gender.

    Karen Knobbs, a mom of three genderless children of her own had this to say. “I bought the new Barbie and when I took the clothes off I was hoping to see something there that defined Barbie’s gender as something other than a girl or a boy. But there was nothing there. So disappointed.”

    Mattel has also announced that it will issue genderless Hot Wheels next week.

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