Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    More And More Dogs Identify As Human And Go Grocery Shopping

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    All across the Nation dogs are identifying as human and going grocery shopping in what experts are calling the Real Food Movement.

    Dogs have spoken out against dog food for the last hundred years and are finally feeling the result of such outcry.

    Jojo Petes, a longtime dog owner, had this to say about her labradoodle, Fifi, “She just started walking on two legs one day and then last week she just walked all the way down to the store. I followed her in my car and when I got to the market I saw Fifi shopping — she was walking up and down the aisles thrown all kinds of fruits and vegetables into the cart, it was then that I also found out that Fifi is a vegetarian.”

    Fifi is not the only dog. Hundreds of dogs across the country are now identifying as human and flooding the grocery markets.

    Some think this is a direct result of PETA calling for all pets to be paid a wage as being a pet is a job. Yet others think this was bound to happen as animals were born to rebel.

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