Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Museum To Showcase Athlete’s Gum

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    CANTON, OH — This weekend brings the opening of a new museum dedicated to the important roll of gum in American sports.

    Museum curator, Karrie Vista, had this to say about the museum, “There is nothing that has done more for sports than gum. Gum has made it possible for some of the greatest victories in sports history. It was a single stick of spearmint that catapulted the Boston Red Sox to win the first World Series in 1903. And it was a single shred of Big League Chew that propelled the Patriots to the greatest comeback victory over the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. This museum was created so that people would come to know and understand how much gum is responsible for sports accomplishments.”

    Exhibits at the museum include the largest collection of gum from athletes to coaches to office personal and even some from the most valued fans. There is even an exhibit to the roll of gum in stadium bathrooms.

    The museum opens this weekend and the first 100 visitors will get to chew a piece of gum that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll chewed in their Super Bowl 49 loss. “You can really taste the bitterness of such a devastating loss,” said Curator Vista. “I know because I was the first to try it — I was amazed that it still had some flavor left.”

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