Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    NBA Lowers Basket To 8 Feet To Be More Inclusive To All Players

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    In an unprecedented move, when all fans anticipated that the NBA would make the game more interesting and raise the height of the rim, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made a breakthrough announcement this morning that they will lower the basketball rim height to 8 feet. We want all vertically challenged players to have to opportunity to dunk the ball,” added Adam Silver. “We are a league of inclusion and opportunity and that includes all peoples of all jumping capabilities, everyone should be able to dunk the ball and score.”

    Fisher-Price will manufacturer the new official baskets for the NBA. PR representative Barbie Knowls said, “the baskets will be made from recycled playhouses and will include 10% ground up insects which will allow players to flop easier.”

    Tweet king, Labron James unleashed a barrage of tweets giving his full approval of the direction the league is headed but stating, “We need to be leaders in this country because this is a business and this is how business is done!”

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