Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    New Edition Of Life Board Game Allows You To Change The Rules As You play

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    Sponsored by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Milton Bradley’s classic Game of Life has been reimagined to be more accurate to life today.

    “I wanted to help children navigate this new world in which we live in and make more money of course,” stated Dr. Fauci. “Life is not simple, sometimes people in authority don’t know what they are doing and change their minds about policies that affect millions of lives. I understand that and want kids to understand that too — that is why I made this new version of the classic game.”

    We obtained a copy of Dr. Fauci’s new game and were surprised to learn that the only difference, besides his name taped to the box, was that it now comes with a blank rule book. On the cover of the rule book is written: “Rules are made to be changed — so to win at life change them radically and often. Signed, Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

    A deluxe version of the game is slated to be released in time for Christmas that comes with four autographed Dr. Fauci medical face masks so you can safely play with non family members.

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